Image Capture Conference

Come to the 8th Information Capture Conference, hosted by PFU (EMEA) Limited, where leaders in the community discuss the latest developments in information management solutions. Make sure you are up to date with the opportunities of digital transformation and the combined potential of scanning and software to enable the world’s flow of knowledge.

Registration for ICC8 is now closed. Should you wish to join the waitlist, please email

About Berlin

The city of Berlin has a monumental history, and is a melting pot for the old and the new; with an eclectic mix of architecture, a buzzing nightlife scene and the hub of technology for the EMEA region. Whether it be for the food, beer, or museums, Berlin has quickly become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations. Berlin is a fast-paced, well connected city, easy to get to and from and these are just some of the reasons why we chose this exciting location to bring you the next instalment of ICC.

Brandenburg Gate

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